"When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he had seen. A man who fell from the stars."

I think that it is very important if you know what you want, understand where you are heading towards, and try your best to get it. It is only when we use our hearts to do it, and fall in love with what we are doing, then can we really get real determination.

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#sometimes i forget this show is set in the 90s #and then it reminds me
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Arctic Monkeys In New York: The Outtakes

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i’ll be keeping you safe. one last victory, allow me that. give me that, my impossible girl.
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In case anyone needs some cheering up at the moment.

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"Kings" + Final Words

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I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in my life and even I know that you don’t fuck with the blonde dragon lady.

and that the kid with the crown is the human version of period cramps

and jon snow is ned stark’s bastard

that’s it

that’s the show

That’s the most accurate description of Joffrey i’ve ever read.

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Logan Lerman for ShortList Magazine 2014.

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don’t // ed sheeran

don’t fuck with my love
that heart is so cold
all over my arms
i don’t wanna know that name

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Lana Del Rey songs make me feel sad and nostalgic about things that haven’t happened to me

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

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Lana Del Rey Coachella 2014 

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